Has Your Child Experienced Learning Loss and Just Needs That Extra Push in Their Studies?

Our personalized learning programs are filled with fun interactive lessons varying in subject and tailored to your child’s academic needs. A credentialed teacher will help close the learning gap and help build 21st-century skills.

For those students interested in preparing for their career, we are here to help curate a portfolio for their future based on your child’s passion and aptitude. Our portfolio programs are custom designed to prepare each student for career or college entry.

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Online Tutoring

Award-Winning Curriculum

We use state-of-the-art online learning tools to incorporate The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development goals. Our objective is to empower students to strive toward a sustainable future through a global lens. To capture the attention of young learners, we utilize interactive tools such as Nearpod and Flocabulary to ensure that your child is eager and enthusiastic about attending each lesson or course.

Personalized Learning Plan

Each child is unique! Before starting our program, we meet with your family to determine your child's academic needs and learning gaps. Every student gets their own organized Google Classroom filled with award-winning programs. Our students benefit from project-based, real-world learning opportunities. As they progress through their learning journey, we track each student’s performance in an online portfolio.

Meet With A Teacher Individually

Each child has their own needs. We meet with your child individually to check in with them to evaluate their academic needs based on your family's schedule. We custom design lessons for them to complete between sessions, and then help with their homework. It’s the combination of the well-structured learning systems and the personal interaction that makes all the difference.

In 2021, students were testing at about 10 points behind in Math and English, which is equivalent to about five months behind, comparing to previous years before Covid 19.

This set back has caused a learning gap throughout the years which can become bigger if not resolved sooner than later.

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Online tutoring has never been easier, ISA uses modern online learning and collaboration tools to help your student learn. We offer a fun, supportive, and engaging curriculum that allows students to succeed in their learning goals. This allows them to explore their passions and interests in their own personal Google Classroom.

Our Programs

Homeschool Program
1 Year of Build Your Library Program

Our Homeschool Program is designed for the family that wants access to award-winning resources, but chooses to learn at their own pace.

  • Explore our award-winning curriculum anywhere, anytime
  • Personal Google Classroom
  • Meet with a learning recovery specialist every other month
  • Move at your own pace
  • Build Your Own Library



One Time Payment


Basic Tutoring Program
Grades K-8

Our Basic Tutoring Program is for families who want live lessons from our curriculum directly from a Learning Recovery specialist.

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • Collaboration between ISA and your family to create a personalized learning plan
  • Personal Google Classroom
  • Meet with a learning recovery specialist directly for 4 hours a month



4 Hours Minimum


Learning Recovery Program
Grades K-8

Our Learning Recovery Program is for learners interested in a project-based learning approach to education. Schedule up to six live sessions per month

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • STEM-UN Global Goals Project-Based Learning
  • Khan Academy Coach
  • Intro to Career Education courses



6 Hours Minimum


Diploma Program
Grades 8-11

Our Diploma Program is for learners looking for an diploma, those looking for college prep, and pathways outside of a college degree.

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • UN Global Goals Learning Portfolio Curation to demonstrate learning to earn a HS diploma.
  • Career Assessment based on personal learning styles, interests, and values
  • Discover Career Pathways and explore hundreds of career education courses
  • College Prep and Life Skills courses, including ACT/SAT Prep & Financial Literacy courses



10 Hours Minimum


Give your child the tools they deserve to be successful in school and in their future career.

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