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Admissions at International School of America

Admissions for The International School of America are open year-round. Enroll your children for the month, semester, or year to take advantage of engaging and enriching education from anywhere. Many parents enjoy our flexible admissions process as it allows children to learn when it is best for them. Whether you are traveling as a family, moving to another state or country, or just taking a break to explore learning opportunities beyond the classroom, we have an ideal admissions option for you.

Private, Personalized K-12 Online Learning

At International School of America, we understand that it can be difficult for many families to invest in private, quality, and personalized online learning. For that reason, we provide a flexible and affordable tuition structure that is accessible to all children, no matter where they reside.

To meet the needs of your busy and adventurous family, International School of America offers you the option to enroll your children for a month, a term, or the entire year.

Choose From Monthly, Term, or Annual Enrollment

What Tuition Covers:

  • 500 courses & 3,000+ K-12 lessons hosted through online learning platforms that maximize engagement and make learning fun
  • On-going, personalized support from teachers via phone, email, & video conference
  • Opportunities to explore interests and passions while strengthening real-world skills
  • Personalized portfolios developed to track accomplishments and progress on their unique learning journey

Tuition Cost




Our Tutoring Programs

Homeschool Program
1 Year of Build Your Library Program

Our Homeschool Program is designed for the family that wants access to award-winning resources, but chooses to learn at their own pace.

  • Explore our award-winning curriculum anywhere, anytime
  • Personal Google Classroom
  • Meet with a learning recovery specialist every other month
  • Move at your own pace
  • Build Your Own Library



One Time Payment


Basic Tutoring Program
Grades K-8

Our Basic Tutoring Program is for families who want live lessons from our curriculum directly from a Learning Recovery specialist.

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • Collaboration between ISA and your family to create a personalized learning plan
  • Personal Google Classroom
  • Meet with a learning recovery specialist directly for 4 hours a month



4 Hours Minimum


Learning Recovery Program
Grades K-8

Our Learning Recovery Program is for learners interested in a project-based learning approach to education. Schedule up to six live sessions per month

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • STEM-UN Global Goals Project-Based Learning
  • Khan Academy Coach
  • Intro to Career Education courses



6 Hours Minimum


Diploma Program
Grades 8-11

Our Diploma Program is for learners looking for an accredited diploma, those looking for college prep, and pathways outside of a college degree.

  • Access to Build Your Library Program, PLUS:
  • UN Global Goals Learning Portfolio Curation to demonstrate learning to earn an accredited HS diploma.
  • Career Assessment based on personal learning styles, interests, and values
  • Discover Career Pathways and explore hundreds of career education courses
  • College Prep and Life Skills courses, including ACT/SAT Prep & Financial Literacy courses



10 Hours Minimum


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