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College & Career Prep for Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12 are an exciting and sometimes an overwhelming time for students as they explore college options and careers. With an abundance of potential paths to pursue, International School of America students benefit from online learning opportunities. They can:

  • Explore their interests
  • Build their portfolios
  • Seek guidance
  • Prepare for college or the workforce

Through our 6-12 curriculum, your children will be excited about portfolio development, career prep, career-based learning, exploratory learning, SAT preparation, career and college exploration. They will have access to personalized academic coaching designed to help them pursue their passions and prepare to make the big decisions. In addition, our unique online learning community helps your children feel confident in their abilities and sets them up for success with college and career applications.

Here's How Portfolio Based Learning Works


Career Assessment

Goals: Identify Skills, Strengths, and Goals

At International School of America, our 6-12 students complete a career assessment that evaluates their skills, strengths, weaknesses, and goals to help outline their college and career options. Students can personalize their projects and tailor their education based on the interests, values, and study preferences identified through the assessment.


Career-Based Learning Opportunities

Goals: Prepare for a Career They’ll Love

Once students complete the career assessment, they gain access to 500 online courses designed to aid in career preparation. Students also focus on individual project-based learning/career learning that utilizes the GRASP methodology. Through GRASP, students are required to complete performance tasks based on authentic, real-world experiences.


SAT Prep & Personalized Academic Coaching

Goals: Achieve SAT Success & Define Future Goals

Students will also have access to SAT preparation through the Khan Academy (partnered with College Board) to help them accurately demonstrate their academic abilities. In addition, they will receive personalized academic coaching from teachers who care deeply about their students’ ability to excel academically, accomplish their goals, and fulfill their dreams.


Portfolio Development

Goals: Expand Skills & Stand Out in a Crowd

Students complete projects that focus on their unique passions, interests, and career paths throughout the semester. From these projects, your children will have a portfolio of relevant work tailored to their career field or chosen college major. This robust portfolio will help your children stand out to college administrators and employers and increase their chances of success in the future.

Get an inside look at our portfolio-based learning program by viewing a digital portfolio from one of our Alumni, Aliza Akmal.

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