Empower Your Group to Create a Kinder, More Knowledgeable World

At ISA, we believe that education is about more than just academics; it's about nurturing compassionate, globally-minded learners who are equipped to make a positive impact. We invite your after-school program, PTA, club, camp or organization to join us on this journey. Together, we can leverage the power of the ISA Library to create transformative learning experiences that align with your group's goals and values.

Benefits of Partnering with ISA Library:

  • Inspire a Love of Learning: Ignite curiosity and passion in your group through our diverse collection of resources, including creative tools, interactive lessons, project-based learning activities, and more.
  • Cultivate Kindness & Empathy: Access materials that promote social-emotional learning, diversity awareness, and global citizenship, empowering your members to become compassionate leaders and advocates for positive change.
  • Foster Collaboration & Critical Thinking: Engage in collaborative projects, discussions, and workshops that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailor learning experiences to meet the unique needs and interests of your group, ensuring that everyone feels empowered and engaged.
  • Make a Real-World Impact: Connect your group's learning to real-world issues and opportunities for service, empowering them to contribute to a better future.

How We Can Support You:

  • Dedicated Google Classroom in the ISA Library: Strengthen your group's bond and streamline communication with a dedicated Google Classroom space within the ISA Library, designed exclusively for your organization's collaborative learning journey.
  • Curated Resource Collections: We'll work with you to create customized collections that align with your group's focus areas.
  • Professional Development: We offer resources and training to help your group leaders implement effective learning strategies.
  • Community Building: Connect with other like-minded groups and organizations to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and amplify your impact.

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